Setup your Windows Dev machine with WinGet

Package Management One of my favorite things about the linux operating system is their vast package management system that allows you to quickly get the applications you need, make sure their come from a trusted source, and make sure you can update these packages with a simple command such as... [Read More]

How to Obtain CPEs in Quarantine?

Info on Professional CPEs Professional certificates such as CISSP require CPEs (Continuing Professional Education). Typically your employer will help you obtain fulfill some of these requirements by sending you to trainings, conferences, and encourage professional development. But at the end of the day - it is a personal responsibility to... [Read More]
Tags: Security CISSP

Create a Python Simple Weather App

I have had a good time getting familiar with Python and web scraping. Python has been on my mind for the last couple of years. Why would you want to write code in Python? [Read More]

Ohio State HackAI

I got the lucky opportunity to go to Ohio State University HackAI event to judge and mentor students last weekend. The enthusiasm of the students towards AI was worth the trip alone. My teammates and I were able to guide students although they were self-driven with my team proving help... [Read More]