Hi all – my name is Nate and welcome to my new blog. I decided to spend some time here and provide some great content on some of my unique perspectives from working in the tech industry as a software/systems/security engineer over the last 12 years. Also, I will be providing details around some of my other interests and passion including productivity tips/tricks, books I have recently read and other hobbies I am pursuing. I welcome you with open arms to join me in this adventure. My goal is not to get a huge following or maintain any sort of status but rather to help others build on their own learning, trajectory, and goals. My hope is to be a small rock to help move a boulder of a larger passion or dream for other individuals. At a minimum be a positive influence of quality content to expands one’s knowledge areas.

I consider myself a constant learner with a beginner’s mindset. I love to get constant feedback so I can improve. While improving myself, I also love to share the wealth with as many people as I can.

I am not an expert in the space of blogging nor am I an established writer. However, I dream of becoming better in this space over time and improving with each post.

Thank you for joining me in this journey - It will be a fun ride.